In the classic fairy-tale of Clara and the Nutcracker Prince, she rescues him from the sword of the evil Mouse King. But, in 2020, evil is all the uncertainties that torment a fallen prince in pursuit of a career in the world of ballet. Separated from his family during the lockdown, Alex, a 20-year-old struggling dancer, spends the cold, pandemic ridden winter in isolation and is forced to re-examine everything that was once familiar and is no longer, until he meets his Clara. Will he find the resolve to continue on his journey?

Among talented ballet kids and the world’s most well behaved mice, I had the honor of playing Sugarplum Fairy in Goh Ballet’s production of Nutcracker. Santa couldn’t have given me a better Christmas present that year.

Gudrun Bojesen, Principal Dancer, Royal Danish Ballet

Youth Company

History of Goh Ballet

The Goh Ballet Youth Company was established in 1979 by former Principal Dancers of The National Ballet of China, Choo Chiat and Lin Yee Goh. Its objective is the pursuit of technical and artistic excellence in conjunction with raising cultural awareness in the community. This performing group reflects Vancouver’s cultural diversity. It serves as a magnet to attract talented dancers locally and abroad, and helps to ease the transition from student to professional dancer.

The students at Goh Ballet are so talented that it is easy to forget that you are dancing with students! The organization is so professional and the children are so beyond their years that their Nutcracker is a step above the rest!

Tiler Peck, Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet

Dancers from around the world relocate to Vancouver to join the Goh Ballet, reflecting our entire country’s diversity. This global cultural exchange is complemented by a host of internationally renowned rehearsal masters and choreographers, who impart knowledge with generosity and enthusiasm.

Through its extensive repertoire of classical and contemporary ballet, jazz, character and Chinese dance, the Goh Ballet training program ranges from youngsters discovering dance through the Youth Company’s educational outreach program, up to the seasoned dance aficionados attending performances and international festivals.

With a combination of talent, international exposure, training and well-rounded programming, the Goh Ballet has successfully garnered recognition by producing prizewinners at international competitions, even earning the Youth Company the first invitation for a Canadian organization to perform at Rencontres Internationales de la Danse Festival in La Baule, France. These prize-winning dancers and other members have transitioned on to flourishing careers with world class companies.

The Goh Ballet Youth Company has firmly established Vancouver as a city that houses a first rate dance organization presenting world-class dancers and programs of distinction.

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Right from the curtain rising through the following two hours of the outstanding production, surprise and delight followed one after another.