Goh Ballet Vancouver Society

In countries throughout the world – Brazil, Japan, Bulgaria, China, and Switzerland to name a few – Goh Ballet is synonymous with superior, award-winning classical ballet training. To those who know Goh Ballet well, the heart of what we represent is “Energy, Exuberance and Excellence for more than 30 years.” The spirit of these words is present in every aspect of the Goh Ballet. From the parent who wants to provide their child with outstanding opportunities to be both creative and disciplined, to the young dancer who dreams of dancing on stage in her first pas de deux, the artistic faculty of Goh Ballet see a potential within even the shyest little boy or girl who walks into the studio for their very first time.

This is the spirit that is captured so beautifully in Goh Ballet’s signature interpretation of The Nutcracker.

Since our world premiere in 2009, our performances have been so warmly received by the Vancouver community that we now know, Goh Ballet’s Nutcracker is set to become a beloved annual holiday tradition.

Dancing in Vancouver was an incredible experience and one that will stay forever in my heart, because it was my last Nutcracker! …And nothing better that dancing Goh’s production!…it was an intense and wonderful week of performances, incredible energy, unique atmosphere, working with excellent dancers and of course with Chan, and all around a great production. Those are very special memories and will stay forever in my heart.

Paloma Herrera, Principal Dancer
– American Ballet Theatre

Those of us at the Goh Ballet Vancouver Society have always known that world-class classical ballet talent exists in our city. The vision of Chan Hon Goh, with support from our communities and sponsors, is to continue to produce a version of this holiday classic which will showcase ever-growing numbers of local and international dancers annually as well as to involve the broader dance community for years to come.

On behalf of Directors of the Goh Ballet Vancouver Society, we thank you for supporting this vision and for sharing in the heart of Goh Ballet’s ‘Energy, Exuberance and Excellence’.